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Кофейня seize the impress

With dropping temperatures, the Salvation Army encourages those without a roof over their head to drop by Family Services in Courtenay, where they will be provided with warm clothing. A winter coat and a scarf can help prevent hypothermia - when the body loses heat quicker than it can produce it. We can help them out with coats and mitts and boots…Our preference is always going to be to come in. Let us give you a warm place to sleep, but some people are just not able to do that.

Teaching wonders

Since we only know what the Pyramid Complex at Giza looks like, students will enjoy the opportunity to speculate on the appearance of the other six wonders of the ancient world. A great way to collaborate with math teachers is to conduct a school-wide poll in which students vote for wonders in any number of categories after which the class graphs the data. This activity also presents an opportunity to work with the school newspaper or television station if you have one. Be sure to publicize the poll throughout the school and appoint designated times for the class to collect votes such as lunch or recess.